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Item # VTTC-S1

Customized Stratocaster® S-1 Volume Knob and Switch Cap

Featured S-1 Volume Knob and Switch Cap Customized with the Vintage '62 Style Dark Green Lettering and Numbering
Alternate Lettering and Numbering Color Sections Available

Shown above is a standard Volume/Tone/Tone Aged White knob set illustrating the customization with the Vintage '62 style dark green letters and numbers. This customized 3 knob set (Volume, Tone, Tone) is available and sold separately as item #VTTC

These S-1 Volume Knobs and Switch Caps are hand customized in our shop.  The featured and most popular is what we call the Vintage '62 style that has the dark green letters and numbers.  We also offer a number of alternate letter and number colors to appeal to the most unique Strat® color themes.

With old or vintage knobs from many years ago this green coloration of the letters and numbers is the result of natural aging or oxidation effect of the original gold coloring that would change color with age, the gold would patina naturally to a dark green color. However, the gold lettering in modern production knobs will no longer naturally oxidize to this green color with time, the gold lettering will stay gold forever. Our reproductions offered here are a simulation of the natural oxidation effect of the old or vintage knobs.

Each of these S-1 Volume Knobs and Switch Caps are Brand New, Current Production Genuine Fender® that have the original gold lettering and numbering removed and replaced with your choice of colors.

S-1 Volume Knobs and Switch Caps are available in Parchment or Aged White.

This item purchase includes one customized S-1 Volume Knob and one customized S-1 Switch Cap as depicted to the right. This item purchase DOES NOT include the two tone control knobs.  If you are looking to purchase a customized S-1 Volume knob/switch cap and the two tone knobs the S-1 set can be purchased here.

Give us up to 31 days to customize this S-1 knob and switch cap for you.


Select Your Customized Knob Options

S-1 Volume Knob and Switch Cap Color:

Lettering & Numbering Color:

Price: $23.00 Per Volume Knob and Switch Cap

Shown above is a Parchment S-1 Volume Knob and Switch Cap customized with the Teal letters and numbers.

Green Mix
Teal 1193
Light Blue 1108
Dark Blue 1111 / Gloss Blue 1110 (little bit lighter than 1111)
Red 2732-M.M.
Orange 1127
Yellow 1114

Green         Teal      Light Blue  Dark Blue      Red      Magenta     Orange       Black    .

Approximate lettering/numbers color representations - Actual colors may vary

Due to characteristic inconsistencies in the molding process of these knob sets as Fender® is having them manufactured, often we find small flaws in the surface, usually around the skirt and most often adjacent to the letters or numbers as depicted above. These flaws are very small indentations or very small curly grooves in which the replacement color has a tendency to settle into and is very difficult if not impossible to be removed. So it is possible you may notice these small color blemishes next to some of the letters or numbers and it is simply a characteristic of the knobs and is not something we can work around, but we do our best to minimize the effect.  Even as the knobs originally come from Fender® with the gold lettering and numbering these imperfections are filled with the gold color as well, but since the gold color is not dark like the replacement color so there is very little contrast between the knob color and the gold, so it essentially goes unnoticed.  If you happen to notice some of these characteristics in your particular knob set, take a close look at these areas with a magnifying glass and you’ll see exactly why the replacement color can’t be removed from these small recessed areas.  Even in the Fender® Custom Shop RELIC Gilmour Black Strat® these characteristics are present.

These knob sets are customized specifically for each customers order and do not qualify for return, exchange or refund.


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