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   International Customers MUST Read This Page Before Ordering

Policies & Returns


Due to the COVID-19 virus we are no longer able to accept any item in return, no exceptions.

Please ask all questions before committing to your purchases.

We are looking forward to we can once again open up our sales to all the places we used to ship to, but until the Corona Virus is behind us there are a lot of places where there are still issues in getting transports into the region as well as reduced personnel working to handle shipments and this either causes no deliveries or significantly delayed, often months, and I know most people don't have the patience to wait months for a package to be delivered when it used to only take a couple weeks at most, so once these issues are behind us we will once again be free to ship to our normal places.

Many shipments are delayed in delivery, especially international shipments, many have been delayed significantly, so please have patience while your package makes its way to you.  Many international shipments have been held until transport once again becomes available for the destination country and once they do become available again it still may take some time to get your package sorted and on its way to you.  Also, many international destinations have had their air transport replaced by sea transport due to transportation shortages, so this will place a significant delay in transport and delivery, it can take up to a month just to transit from USA to the port of destination.  So patience is the only thing we have going for us right now, there is nothing else that can be done other than wait patiently... Please don't get PayPal involved in a situation that is solely dependent on this COVID-19 virus impacting delivery, customs inspections, forcing border closings and transportation shortages.

With all being said above and you now understand what the entire world is experiencing with delays in international shipments due to COVID-19, if you are impatient and unable to wait for your international shipment to be transported, cleared through customs inspections and delivered, then it may be best that you don't place your order at this time, we don't need the additional hassles that come with impatience, especially in a time where COVID-19 related delays and extended delivery times are the new normal and everyone knows this...  Our typical work-day is best spent working in the shop creating and fabricating our merchandise along with quickly processing all orders for shipment, but at the same time NOT having to deal with impatient people and premature claims of non-delivery when those shipments will eventually get delivered, it just takes longer then it did before COVID-19.  So bottom line is, if you don't have patience, please don't order...

International orders, placed from customers outside the United States cannot excede an order grand total of $750.00 USD or more, this amount includes your shipping cost. If you are an international customer placing an order from outside the United States and your orders grand total is $750.00 USD or more then you will need to break it down into two separate orders of less than $750.00 each.  We cannot combine ship the separate orders, they must ship independently of each other. Any international order received in the amount of $750.00 USD or more will be cancelled, no exceptions.  So please be mindful of your orders grand total amount in US dollars before submitting your order.

A number of countries we used to be able to ship to with our International Economy method of transport have discontinued their participation in the E-USPS DELCON INTL service which provided delivery confirmation for the USPS First Class International shipments, so with the loss of this delivery confirmation service to these countries they will now be required to ship via International Priority or Express. If you do not see the International Economy shipping option during checkout this means your country was one of them to stop providing this service or never did.

These temporary policy changes supersede all policies and procedures outlined below. If or when we ever get back to normal these changes should revert back to how they were before COVID-19.

1.0 - Payments To OverDrive Custom Guitar Works - Language Requirements for Shipping Addresses

PayPal VerifiedPayPal is the authorized online payment processor for OverDrive Custom Guitar Works. PayPal has implemented Fraud Protection safeguards to increase the confidence of both buyers and sellers in the PayPal payments network. OverDrive Custom Guitar Works has participated in the PayPal requirements and has attained the online seal of approval as a "Verified Seller" by PayPal. When you purchase from OverDrive Custom Guitar Works you shop without sharing your financial information. When you pay with PayPal, your credit card and bank numbers are never seen by us, your financial information stays safe.

If you have problems or questions using PayPal, give them a call, they'll be happy to assist you.

PayPal: (888) 221-1161

4 am to 10 pm Monday thru Friday Pacific Time.
6 am to 8 pm Saturday & Sunday Pacific Time.

All customers orders must have their shipping addresses provided in English or A-Z alphabet character set. We understand that some languages use special characters such as ä, ë, ß or similar characters which are allowed, but we can NOT accept any order where the shipping address is provided in a pictographic based language such as Japanese or Korean (but not limited to those) and those orders will have to be cancelled and our policy on customer caused order mistakes will apply to the refund/cancellation, full details below, click here.  The USPS must be able to read your shipping address as written using our native English characters.

Our shopping cart is powered by PayPal and will retain its merchandise contents for an indefinite amount of time.  Typically our customers add merchandise to their shopping cart and proceed promptly through the checkout to remit payment and complete their purchase and then their shopping cart contents is cleared.  However, we've seen it where a customer will add merchandise to their shopping cart but will postpone completing their purchase and only at a later date do they decide to re-start the checkout process and complete their purchase. In these instances sometimes weeks or months may have passed and merchandise pricing may have changed but their shopping cart contents will still reflect pricing as of the day when the merchandise was originally added to the shopping cart. When these situations arise we reserve the right to request the price difference to be paid to bring the effected merchandise prices up to their current pricing standards.

1.1 - Confirmation of Order Placement and Final Record of Sale

The payment confirmation email you receive from PayPal is the only order confirmation you will receive, it confirms to you that your payment was successfully received by us. Just as soon as you receive your payment confirmation email, review your shipping address and all merchandise and option selections and contact us Immediately if you find any mistake with your shipping address or any of the items you have in your order so appropriate action can be taken before your order goes to production or ships.  If you did provide with us with an incorrect shipping address, we can't change it, your order can only ship to the address you originally provided us, the only solution is to cancel your order and have you re-place it with the correct shipping address, but you may be responsible for up to 4.5% of the total purchase amount which will be deducted from your refund. This is because no matter if we cancel your order and refund it in full, we are still charged the transaction fees by PayPal for processing the payment of your order and we will not pay these fees if your mistake is the reason of the order cancellation. This information is detailed in our Policies under section 2.1. We don't like it, but we will not pay for mistakes not caused by us...

Once your order is complete and has shipped we will generate your final Sales Receipt, it will be emailed to you as an PDF attachment, this copy of your Sales Receipt should be saved for future reference in case you need to return an item. So once you have received your shipping confirmation email from PayPal or the USPS be sure to keep an eye out for your Sales Receipt email, it may get flagged as spam by some email providers so check your spam or junk mail folder if you don't see it in your inbox. The subject of this message will be "Sales Receipt From OverDrive Custom Guitar Works - #" where following the # will be your sales receipt number.

1.2 - Communications With OverDrive Custom Guitar Works

On occasion we may be required to communicate with our customers to verify or confirm merchandise ordered, option selections, quantities, shipping addresses, etc... If you receive an email or telephone call from us, respond immediately with the requested information. We expect all of our customers to provide a valid and current shipping address, telephone number and email address, if we determine any of these are invalid, not current or we are unable to verify any information within an order or simply can't communicate with a customer we may have no choice but to cancel the order and our policy on customer caused problems with an order applies

1.3 - All Special Order, Discontinued, Close-Out, Electronics, Customized, Custom Built, Custom Fabricated and Custom Manufactured Item Sales Are Final

No returns, exchanges or refunds on any Special Order, Discontinued, Close-Out (closeout), Electronics, Customized, Custom Built, Custom Fabricated or Custom Manufactured Merchandise. Please be absolutely 100% positive of all these types of items in your order and ask all questions and read item descriptions thoroughly before placing your order. Any of the preceding described type of merchandise that is returned to OverDrive Custom Guitar Works as undeliverable, refused, unclaimed or in any way returned to us for any reason will be assessed a 50% re-stocking fee, no exceptions.

If for any reason we are forced to cancel any order that contained customized, custom built or custom manufactured merchandise and was finished to completion or partial completion will be subject to a 50% deduction from the original purchase price that will be assessed to the refund.

Typically all of our customized, custom built or custom manufactured merchandise can take up to 31 days to complete, so please be patient while we finish any orders that were placed before yours.

1.4 - Skill and Experience Requirements For Installing Your New Guitar Parts

Just about all of our merchandise requires you to have some sort of experience and skill in order to install and use correctly. Some items require unique or specialized tools, equipment and supplies in order to install and setup correctly.  This may include any of the following but is not limited to; screwdrivers, wrenches, multimeter, soldering iron, solder, drills, drill bits, files, feeler gauges, etc., the list goes on, there are specific tools for every task in repairing or modifying a guitar.  If you do not have or know how to properly use any of the necessary tools for a specific job and/or are uncertain about any aspect of installing or testing in the event of a problem, you should have a qualified technician perform the work for you. If you reach out to us for any kind of assistance we may require you to have the specific tools normally used in the type of installation you are performing and a have a good working knowledge of those tools in order to help you effectively. If you do not have any of the required tools we will not be able to help you and you will need to contact a qualified technician for the work, repairs or testing to be performed properly.

1.5 - Fender® Branded Parts Packaging

The following information comes directly from Fender®. As of 2017, most Fender® branded parts whose item # begins in 099 or ends in 049 will come in retail packaging that you would typically find in a walk-in retail store. Any Fender® branded part whose item # begins in any other number than 099 or ends in any other number than 049 will be plain packaged which means packaged in a plain/clear zip-loc bag without any manufacturer labeling, tags or fancy packaging typically found on retail store shelves. Most of our websites item sales pages that will come plain packaged will be described as such, but keep in mind the item #'s prefix and suffix and this will indicate how you will receive your parts order.

We offer some select Fender® branded items (item #'s may begin with 099 or end in 049) that we receive in quantities per package and we have chosen to sell these items in the most common purchase quantities needed per instrument (Strat®), therefore these items will also be plain packaged. Example: Some items come from Fender® with 12 in a package, but on a Strat® there may only be 4 used on the entire guitar, so we don't force you to buy more than you would need.

All our other parts not "Fender®" branded will come packaged accordingly as we receive them from our suppliers, some will be plain packaged.

1.6 - Warranty

All of our custom built complete Strat® pickguard assemblies are warrantied against manufacturing defects and component fault defects for a period of 90 days from receipt of merchandise. All genuine Fender® branded pre-packaged merchandise carry the warranty specified by Fender® for a time period for the specific type of merchandise purchased. Misuse, incorrect operation, incorrect installation, damage caused by neglect or incorrect handling are not covered by warranty. Any modifications, repairs or alterations to any merchandise voids any warranty.

1.7 - International Orders - Import Duties, Taxes, VAT and Foreign Delivery Agent Handling Charges

All international customers are solely responsible for any import duty, tax-related costs or foreign delivery agent handling charges. Customs / importation of merchandise policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office to help you determine any fess that you may be required to pay. OverDrive Custom Guitar Works is required by law to accurately report the value and contents of international shipments. Please do not ask us to undervalue or mark the parcel contents as a "gift" within the customs declaration forms.

There is a company called SimplyDuty that can assist you in calculating import duty and taxes, use this companies web site as a guide only. OverDrive Custom Guitar Works is not affiliated with SimplyDuty or responsible for any information provided by SimplyDuty.  International courier handling fees may be additional and are not included in the SimplyDuty's calculations.

International customers should be proactive in following their package tracking and when it arrives in customs inspection to reach out to their countries customs agency and/or postal delivery service and inquire as to your requirements (if any) for delivery. You will need to provide them with the tracking number you were emailed. As soon as your shipment arrives in your country it is best to use your countries postal services or contracted couriers tracking system for the most up-to-date tracking status and delivery requirements, a list of our most common international destination postal service web sites are found at the bottom of our International Shipping page. If your countries postal service is not listed, you will need to identify their official web site and utilize their tracking system for full transit status updates of your order.

Any parcel returned to OverDrive Custom Guitar Works as refused or declined to pay duties, taxes, VAT or foreign handling charges or returned for any other reason will be subject to up to a 25% re-stocking fee of the cost of your merchandise in addition to any fees, fines or penalties we may incur by your order being returned to our facility, no exceptions. If a parcel has been returned to our facility as described previously and the customer requests for the parcel to be return shipped, an $8.00 USD fee will be assessed in addition to any return shipping costs to cover our internal costs in unpacking, inspection of merchandise and re-packing for the new shipment.

1.8 - Shipping, Proof of Delivery and Insurance

OverDrive Custom Guitar Works ships everything within the United States via USPS First Class Mail or USPS Priority Mail with tracking. When an order is prepared for shipment the tracking information is emailed to the customer. OverDrive Custom Guitar Works takes no responsibility for lost packages, wrong deliveries or product damage, loss or stolen articles caused by the USPS.

Once your order is complete and has shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation email from PayPal (, it will contain the tracking information.  If you have a PayPal account you can also access shipment information by logging into your PayPal account and bringing up the transaction details for your payment to OverDrive Custom Guitar Works and within the transaction details is the shipment information.  If you ordered any item categorized as Customized, Custom Built, Custom Manufactured or Custom Fabricated those items all specify a turn-around time or "Build Time" within their item description which you will see in your original order confirmation email and it can take as a long as specified before your order is complete and ready to ship.  All orders containing any kind of custom merchandise will ship only once the custom item has been completed.

For International Customers: If you require full tracking, insurance and trace capabilities in the event of delayed or lost parcel then you must select the International Express Air method of shipment. OverDrive Custom Guitar Works can not be held responsible for any parcel once it leaves our facility and by placing an order through this web site you agree to these terms. If you do not select the International Express Air method of shipment please do not email us asking for shipping status updates, we do not have any, you will just have to be patient while your parcel makes its way to you and is delivered. For full details on our international rates and policies visit our International Shipping page.

To insure your merchandise purchase against loss or damage you MUST ADD the insurance option located on our Shipping Insurance Page.

1.9 - Shipment Damage / Shipment Loss Claims - For Insured Shipments Only

If your package arrives in a damaged condition, you must file a claim with OverDrive Custom Guitar Works immediately on the day of delivery. If you notice your package appears to be in poor or damaged condition and you feel that the contents will more than likely be damaged, do not open the package and call the delivery courier immediately and only then open the parcel in the presence of the courier and inspect all contents for possible damage and only then file a damage claim if necessary. If you have already opened your package and discover the contents damaged make sure that you retain all of the original packaging and boxing materials for these items will be required by the delivery courier for inspection upon filing of the claim. If you do not retain the original packaging in its entirety, a claim for loss or damage cannot be filed, it will not be accepted.

Claims for lost or damaged merchandise that were insured take time to process by the shipping courier, and only upon the shipping couriers completion and validation of the insurance claim will a refund be issued or replacement merchandise shipped.

All attempts to file or act of filing a fraudulent claim of non-delivery, fraudulent claim of damage caused in transit or fraudulent claim to collect insurance compensation will be immediately reported to the United States Postal Service Inspection Service for a full investigation and prosecution by their federal law enforcement officers. We do not take lightly the act of any individual or party attempting to defraud OverDrive Custom Guitar Works or the United States Postal Service and we cooperate fully with the federal postal inspectors investigative team to bring about full prosecution, penalties and incarceration of all involved in such criminal activities.

2.0 - Return / Refund Policy (March 11, 2020 - See section 0.1 above for temporary changes in our return policy due to the COVID-19 virus)

Inspect all merchandise immediately upon receipt. If you need to return an item please give us a call at 209-565-2112 to request a Return Authorization (RA#). A Return Authorization # is required for all returns and needs to written on the outside of the return shipping box in large bold writing. Returned merchandise needs to be received by us no later than 15 days from the day you received your merchandise, 30 days for international customers.

All returned merchandise and item packaging must be in new, unopened, unaltered condition, if they are not, then that item will not qualify for return or refund.

All merchandise that was sold with free shipping and is returned for refund will incur a deduction from the refund in the amount we paid for shipping, handling and packing your order and in addition to the fees outlined in section 2.1 below.

Returns are not allowed for altered, special order, discontinued, electronics, customized, custom built, custom fabricated and custom manufactured merchandise, no exceptions.

Merchandise that qualifies for return that is returned because you no longer need it or changed your mind are subject to up to a 15% restocking / inspection fee. We don't allow merchandise to be purchased for evaluation or purchasing multiple sizes or styles to determine which works best for you.

Any order returned to us as refused or no such person at address will be subject to a 15% restocking / inspection fee (50% for custom built, custom manufactured or customized merchandise) which will be deducted from the refund.

Returned items must be shipped postage prepaid. OverDrive Custom Guitar Works is not responsible for items lost in transit, so please use an appropriate shipping courier that provides tracking and/or insurance. All returns must include a copy of your Sales Receipt and a note explaining why you are returning the item(s) along with the RA# clearly printed on the outside of the box and printed on the Sales Receipt. Your Sales Receipt is the PDF copy you received via email from us, NOT the PayPal transaction receipt.

We do not process returns for exchange.  Simply place a new order and request a return authorization to return the original order for a refund. Merchandise being returned must be new, unopened, unmodified condition.

Any item returned to OverDrive Custom Guitar Works that does not meet all of the above criteria may be subject to a restocking / inspection fee of up to 25% of the merchandise cost (does not apply to altered, special order, custom built, custom fabricated, custom manufactured or customized merchandise, they do not qualify for return or refund).

Any parcel sent to OverDrive Custom Guitar Works by a customer or unknown sender that does not properly display a valid Return Authorization # on the outside of the parcel will not be opened and disposed of as trash. When an item is received in return its Return Authorization # is validated to reference the comments stored in the customers account about why an item is being returned and only then can it be accepted and processed as a valid return.  Our health and safety are our first priority and your first priority in returning any item should be following the instructions provided above to ensure a positive return process.

Be sure to package and secure your returned merchandise sufficiently to prevent damage in transport. Any returned merchandise that is damaged in transit to our facility will not qualify for refund or exchange and customer will be responsible final disposition of merchandise. We expect our customers to respect us and the merchandise to ensure safe and secure transport with appropriate and sturdy shipment packaging.  If your order was shipped to you in a corrugated cardboard box then ship it back to us in the same box or equivalent, DO NOT ship it back in a lesser protective packaging such as a padded envelope.

Ship eligible return items to the address on your Sales Receipt.

For qualifying international customer returns; Import fees, duty taxes, handling fees or any additional charges assessed by customs agencies or foreign delivery units are not refundable under any circumstances, no exceptions.

2.1 - Order Cancellation Refund Policy  (Effective October 11, 2019)

PayPal charges OverDrive Custom Guitar Works a transaction fee to process every payment we receive. This payment transaction fee is a small percentage of the order total and it is not reimbursable or refundable to us under any circumstance.

All requests made by customer to cancel or refund an order for any reason will result in a deduction of the PayPal transaction fees from the original purchase total amount. This also applies to orders that we are forced to cancel because there is a problem with an order such as shipping address, shipping address language problem as described above in section 1.0 or we are unable to communicate with customer when required to verify information within an order or any problem created by the customer effecting normal order processing.

If after placing an order you discover your shipping address is incorrect we will not be able to correct or edit the shipping address, the only recourse is for us to cancel your order and then you can re-place the order providing the correct shipping address. When we cancel the order and issue a refund a deduction from the refund amount will be the cost of the transaction fees PayPal charged us to process the original payment transaction.

Sometimes customers make mistakes in product option selections where some options may conflict with other options, this is rare, but can happen and if it does we will require contact with the customer to describe the issue and what can be done to correct it. We will never simply build any project based on all option selections that a customer may have chosen if there are conflicts, we will always require a conversation with the customer to detail the changes needed to eliminate conflicts so problems will not exist in the final project build.  If we are unable to make contact with the customer in these instances we will have no choice but to cancel the order and this is considered a customer caused issue so the original PayPal payment transaction fees will be deducted from the refund. So please pay close attention to your email, answer your phone or voice mail messages promptly and always provide valid contact information to prevent such cancellations from occurring.

This change in our cancellation refund policy is because PayPal changed their policy to no longer refund original payment transaction fees. Prior to October 11, 2019 when we refunded an order PayPal returned the original payment transaction fees we paid them to process the transaction, but now we are no longer receiving our transaction fees refunded when we refund any order, PayPal retains the entire original payment transaction fee no matter if the transaction is complete or not.  We DO NOT retain ANY of the transaction fee that is deducted from a refund, it is PayPal who is keeping the money, when we issue a refund less the transaction fee we end up with $0.00 of the original payment, this change in our policy is to prevent us from being charged for mistakes or problems that is no fault of ours.

Don't confuse this with any kind of fee for issuing a refund, we are not charged a fee to issue a refund, nor are we charging a fee to issue a refund, it is the original payment you made to us for your merchandise purchase that was assessed a transaction fee by PayPal and this fee is what PayPal keeps when we issue a refund.

If we reach out to you via email or telephone respond ASAP to avoid cancellation of an order. When placing an order make sure your contact information and shipping address is current and 100% correct.

2.2 - Privacy Policy

All personal information collected from customers for purchase and/or email communications are held in strict confidence. To fulfill a transaction we are required to provide a shipping carrier with your full contact information in order to facilitate a complete shipping manifest. We do not sell, distribute or share any of our customers information with anyone for any other purposes. The information we collect is limited to customer name, shipping address, telephone number and email address, we are never provided with any financial information, that information is acquired and held in strict confidence by PayPal. The information we receive for a transaction is solely collected for means of shipping merchandise and our internal sales records.

3.0 - Order Placement / Agreement of Policy

OverDrive Custom Guitar Works shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental, direct, indirect or other damages arising out of the use or operation of any of its products including any claim of a third party.

OverDrive Custom Guitar Works reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order.

OverDrive Custom Guitar Works is not responsible for lost or damaged shipments, that is why we recommend you insure your shipment to safeguard your purchase.

By placing an order with OverDrive Custom Guitar Works you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to all of the preceding terms and conditions on this entire page.


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