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Important Genuine Fender® Strat® Pickguard Characteristics Notice

A very common occurrence we find with all Genuine Fender® pickguards are some sort of blemish or imperfection in the surface of the pickguard. This typically amounts to very small pits or very small black specks on the surface, but is not limited to only those type of imperfections. After many years of building complete Strat® pickguard assemblies using Genuine Fender® pickguards we find these blemishes quite often when we build a new pickguard assembly. Most are relatively minor, insignificant blemishes, but unfortunately we can't sort through a stack of pickguards with hopes of finding one without any blemishes, so it is possible you may find some blemishs in the surface of your completed assembly and it is not something we can consider as cause for replacement. However, we will not use a pickguard for an assembly that has a significant imperfection, but small ones are considered a normal characteristic of Fender's® current pickguard manufacturing process.

Even as Fender® builds their brand new Strat® guitars, they're built with the pickguards clear protective film still affixed to the pickguard surface and it will only become known to the purchaser of the guitar if any blemishes are present in the pickguard once they remove the protective film since you can't see them through the clear pickguard protective film. Bottom line is that Fender® is building complete Strat's with the same pickguards we are using and they don't find cause for alarm with some imperfect characteristics or blemishes in their complete guitars, but we just wanted to make sure that you are fully aware of the things we have to consider and contend with when we build your complete pickguard assembly.

Every business that is building complete Strat® pickguard assemblies using genuine Fender® pickguards will experience these same blemishes, but we're the only business that gives you a heads-up to these imperfections and we will always make sure your pickguard assembly purchasing experience is a great one.  If you feel that if any imperfection in the pickguard surface may result in a less than satisfied acceptance of the finished product, we ask that you please do not order a custom built complete pickguard assembly from us. We can't change the fact of how these pickguards are sold to us from Fender and with the vast majority of them having some sort of imperfection, it is something that everyone will experience no matter where you get your genuine Fender pickguard.


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