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Personal Strat Project -  Warmoth / Seymour Duncan Zephyr Strat®

April 18, 2017 @ 23:25

The Seymour Duncan Zephyr pickup set will be the heart of a new Strat project I'm working on....


The world’s first silver wire Hi-Fi Strat pickup set, designed for extended frequency range, complex harmonic content, and amazing dynamic response.


The Zephyr series was born from a challenge issued to Vice President of Engineering Kevin Beller to come up with a pickup that wasn’t constrained by the usual considerations of costs or materials: just dream it, design it and build it. The result is a tone with unprecedented treble clarity, vibrant harmonics and incredible dynamics, where your guitar simply feels like it has more of everything. More highs, fuller yet tighter lows, fatter mids and greater responsiveness. 

In the bridge position, the Zephyr’s solid silver wire coil will add richness and dynamic sensitivity to your low strings, while the extended upper register delivers unprecedented clarity and sonic detail. The Zephyr middle pickup will transform that ‘number three’ pickup selector position into a much more complex and dynamic sound which will become your secret weapon for solos and snappy, complex rhythms. And the Zephyr neck model takes your Strat neck position sound to a whole new level with rich, complex harmonics and remarkable dynamic sensitivity to deliver gorgeous, open sounding highs, with lows as walloping as you want them to be.

The sound is what immediately stands out about the Zephyr, but how we get there involves careful selection and implementation of the highest-quality materials available. We use silver wire – the only material with a lower CD resistance per unit length than copper (5.36%). Silver wire doesn’t boost highs and lows; it just does a better job of transmitting them. And silver’s softness compared to copper allows for an exceptionally even, neat coil form with increased immediacy whether you play with your pick or fingers. We use Alnico 5 pole rod magnets for true Stratocaster tone. Finally we use Cryogenic treatment which has been proven to enhance the detail available from audio equipment. 

We hope you’ll love the Zephyr Silver Pickups as much as we do. If you want the best for your tone, Zephyr pickups are a true investment in your sound.

Warmoth Chambered Strat Body.

  • Core wood and laminate top are both Black Korina.
  • Finish (Front): Black to clear burst.
  • Finish (Rear): Black
  • Weight: 3 lb. 13.1 oz.
  • Body shown before bridge routing, before bridge pivot pin inserts were pressed in and before final pickup routing which was changed to universal to give me full versatility in pickup selection options.


Warmoth Neck:

  • Dark Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Neck Wood: Maple
  • 22 Frets (6150 Size)
  • Compound Radius 10" - 16"
  • Back Profile: Standard Thin
  • Tuners: Kluson SD9105MN
  • Graph Tech Tusq XL Nut
  • Weight: 1 lb. 5.9 oz.

A Few More Details

Pickguard is going to be one of my custom manufactured black 1 ply 0.120" Acrylic with the rounded and polished edge and more than likely will incorporate the Gilmour style recessed mini-toggle switch for the neck pickup selector mod.  Knobs will be a set of custom machined aluminum knobs. Potentiometers will be our CTS 450G series low rotational torque 250K with a 0.022 uF polyester film Orange Drop tone capacitor, CRL 5 way selector switch.  Also going to install our new treble by-pass filter kit.  Back plate will also be one of my custom manufactured black 1 ply 0.120" Acrylic with the rounded and polished edge.  Bridge is either going to be a Fender American Deluxe or American Professional. If I decide on the Deluxe I will install a set of the Black Graph Tech saddles, if I decide on the Professional I'll leave the traditional bent steel saddles.  Tremolo arm will be a new design pop-in tremolo arm I've been working on.  I think I'll install one of the Fender Black Nickel neck plates with nickel mounting screws.  String tree will be one of the new 2016-2017 Fender American Elite Strat string tree's.


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