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Typical Parts Listing To Build Yourself A Complete Gilmour Style Black Strat®

Gilmour style Black StratComplete parts listing to build a Gilmour style Black Strat® from scratch...  By purchasing each of the following items you will have all the parts necessary to complete the build.  Parts cost will be in the range of $952.48 to $1073.48, your final cost will depend on option selections with the Black Strat® pickguard assembly package, tremolo bridge selection, shipping costs and any applicable sales tax. The complete pickguard assembly package includes components such as output jack, short 4-1/4" tremolo arm, 19 pickguard, jack plate and back plate mounting screws and a set of GHS Boomers Gilmour signature guitar strings.

Any necessary tools required to complete the build such as drill, drill bits, screw drivers, nut driver, soldering iron, solder and hex wrenches would need to be purchased separately or you may already own them.

If you select to purchase the above listed Pure Vintage American Tremolo Bridge Assembly #009-4247-049 it will have the true vintage string spacing of 2-7/32", this will be the same as an original vintage Strat such as Gilmour's as well as the two Fender® Custom Shop's Gilmour Black Strat's®.  A modern alternative tremolo bridge with a slightly narrower string spacing of 2-1/16" would be to select the American Special / Highway One tremolo bridge #007-2290-000, it has the correct 2-7/32" mounting spacing for the above body but has a narrower 2-1/16" string spacing which positions the strings slightly closer together and reduces the possibility of rolling the E strings off the edge of the fingerboard.  If you select the alternate #007-2290-000 tremolo bridge you will need to purchase a tremolo claw/spring kit #099-2084-000, a string tree kit for the neck #099-2083-000 and bridge mounting screws #001-6170-049) these three additional items are standard included accessories with the #009-4247-049 tremolo bridge assembly.


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