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Item # 4028 Custom Manufactured Pop-In Tremolo Arm For The American Deluxe, Ultra and Elite Strat®

Custom designed and manufactured stainless steel tremolo arms for the American Deluxe Fender® Strat® and the new American Elite Strat® that uses the pop-in tremolo arm.  We custom manufacture / machine each of our tremolo arms by hand out of Precision Centerless Ground 303 Stainless Steel for a fine finish, strength and durability

Available in the following lengths:

  • 4-1/4" Gilmour style short length.
  • 5-1/2" Standard length.

This tremolo arm does not have the traditional plastic tip, instead the tip end of the bar is rounded as depicted in the photograph to the right. Each tremolo arm is then entirely polished to a finish very similar to chrome.

Left handed tremolo arms may have a couple day lead time from order placement until your tremolo arm will ship, we manufacture these deluxe Strat left handed tremolo arms on an "as ordered" basis.

All of our tremolo arms are designed around a free-floating bridge setup to create their proper tip-to-pickguard distance. To effectively use any of our shortened tremolo arms your bridge must be setup as free-floating.

These tremolo arms will NOT fit the new American Professional Strat®.

There are two set screws on the back side of the Ultra, Deluxe and Elite Strat® tremolo block, they dictate the insertion and rotational friction of the tremolo arm. These set screws use a 3/32" hex wrench, one is accessible just under the top plate on the back side of the bridge the other requires removal of the bridge from the guitar.  Both of these set screws pinch the tremolo arm plastic bushing for a tighter tremolo arm fit. The upper set screw is primarily used to dictate the tremolo arm rotational friction, the lower set screw is primarily used to dictate how firm or loose the tremolo arm engages the retaining clip.  The lower screw can typically be left loose, not pinching the bushing and your arm will engage the retaining clip easier.

Our pop-in tremolo arms are 0.218" in diameter, Fender's original tremolo arms vary from 0.214" to 0.218" in diameter therefore some adjustment may be required to the plastic bushing in your tremolo block for our tremolo arms to insert easilly. It may be required for you to adjust (loosen) the two tremolo arm tensioning set screws on the back side of your tremolo block or possibly ream out the bushing by a few thousands in order for our tremolo arm to insert easilly. If you decide to ream out the plastic bushing, remove the bridge from the guitar, disassemble the bridge by removing the saddles and top plate, loosen the two tensioning set screws so they're not pinching the bushing, remove the tremolo arm retaining clip and only then attempt to ream the black plastic bushing with a sharp 7/32" drill bit. Reference this article for additional information.

Arm Length:
Right or Left :
Price: $26.00

Give us 1 to 3 business days to get your tremolo arm fabricated.

Depicted above is the 4-1/4" Gilmour style length and the standard 5-1/2" length pop-in tremolo arms.  Close-up detail of tip end that secures into the tremolo block.

Depicted above is the 4-1/4" length tremolo arm.

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